Becoming a Proverb 31 Woman – Clothed in Gentle Strength

Living within the 21st century, we can on occasion get a skewed concept of what a robust woman simply is. But your Heavenly Father without a doubt reveals what He considers to be a female of real strength in Proverb 31.

“Who can discover a virtuous woman? For her price is a ways above rubies” (Proverb 31:10) shapewear manufacturer.

The Hebrew word that is regularly translated as virtuous in this scripture is chayil. It is the precise phrase that God makes use of to explain His idea of a REAL girl.

In Hebrew, chayil is used to explain exquisite forces and armies. For a female to be known as chayil, she might must own a certain strength, might, and strength!

Considering the reality that Proverb 31 describes the kind of lady match to be a queen, there is no wonder why she is not any wimp. “Strength and dignity are her garb” (Proverb 31:25 AMP).

But what type of strength does God value? Being able to paintings 60+ hours and nonetheless make time to hold the residence smooth and prepare dinner dinner. Is that wherein a woman’s actual energy and cost lies?

Not on your Heavenly Father.

As a toddler of God, you aren’t preventing in opposition to flesh and blood enemies. So the electricity that He wants to clothe you in isn’t a type that the arena knows (Ephesians 6:12).

Your may does not come from how tons you may accomplish in sooner or later. It flows out of your dating with your Father.

Sometimes, it is straightforward to be so busy running around doing matters for God, which you overlook all He really wants is your coronary heart. He desires time alone with you to mould you into the Christian woman that He created you to be.

That is how the Proverb 31 woman receives her electricity. “She girds herself with energy [spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given task]” (Proverb 31:17 AMP).

We may want to all spend extra time girding ourselves up spiritually for the day by day duties that God has for us. More time sitting at His feet, doing a women’s Bible examine, or meditating on His matchless love and grace.

Of direction God appreciates all your “works”. But, permit’s take a look at it from a specific perspective.

Have you ever heard a spouse whinge about how lots her husband works? She knows that he is running for her and their family, but she could nonetheless as a substitute have that time with him.

That is how we all experience about the ones we love. And that is how your Heavenly Father feels about you.

He loves you, and desires to spend time with you. In truth, He might alternatively have time on my own with you, than watch you work – Even if you are truely operating for Him.


Because, like several relationship, your relationship with God is constructed in those times by myself collectively. Talking and listening. Sharing secrets that you would never inform all of us else. Becoming friends.

As you move earlier than the Lord and end up His friend, He will start to transform you into the girl that He created you to be.

Like the Proverb 31 Woman, He will dress you in a electricity and dignity all of your own.

Ameerah Lewis assists Christian girls in their quest to attract toward God via her loose girls’s Bible examine on-line route To discover more about God’s concept of a REAL girl, enjoy this Free In-Depth Proverb 31 Woman Bible Study!

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